No more thinking you don’t have what it takes to become a wedding photographer, it’s time to learn how to build a business from the ground up and shoot any wedding with full confidence.

If there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that you’re more than capable of creating a wedding photography business.

Say goodbye to thinking that you could never run your own wedding photography business and instead, see the business of your dreams become your new reality in 12 weeks.

 (Psst: even if you’ve never shot a wedding before!)

Even if:

But if you’ve constantly been putting off becoming a wedding photographer because you just don’t know where to begin, then keep reading because this coaching experience was created with you in mind! 

You've only ever photographed portraits

You know the basics of photography but not how to grow a business

You scroll Instagram wondering how it could possibly be you

Our program is made for anyone, regardless of your experience, who wants to understand how to create and scale a wedding photography business.

I can teach you how to do it based off my own experience that took me from zero clients to a full calendar within 6 months!

And while I can’t automatically book a calendar full of weddings for you (although that’d be fun!), 


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If you’re reading this, you probably fall into one of two camps.

You’ve watched several photographers on Instagram. You think, “Hm, I think I want to do that.” But you've only photographed families and children. You laugh and move on, thinking that could never be you. You don’t know the first thing about wedding photography and you definitely don’t know how to build a business.


You know the fundamentals of photography. You’ve got the equipment, a basic working knowledge, and all of the other things that those other photography blogs told you that you needed to build your business. You’ve spent hours researching but you’re more confused now than when you started. Frustratingly enough, you’re not seeing the growth you wanted and expected. You’re desperate to ditch that traditional 9 to 5 and make wedding photography your main workflow but you can’t figure out how.

We went from zero bookings to a full calendar within 6 months! We want to share with you what we’ve learned and help you apply it to where you are today, regardless of your experience. And while we can’t automatically book a calendar full of weddings for you, we can give you the tools to get yourself there. Our goal in this course is to share an easier and better way to grow and sustain the business you’ve always dreamt about.

We’ve been there in both camps.  

Look, we get it.. 

Our 12 week accelerator course is perfect for you, no matter where you fall.


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I’ve been a wedding photographer on the Gulf Coast for over 5 years.

When my husband and I first started, there was an overwhelming amount of resources available for photographers who wanted to build their own business. We felt a little lost in the sea of multiple voices and opinions. To be truthful, it was exhausting bouncing from website to website, trying to find what we felt applied to the unique client experience we wanted to create. We think the thing that will build your business the most is bringing your own unique values and talents to the table. But before you can get there, how do you build and attract the clients you want? 

Hi, I'm Justine Cunningham!

Hi, I'm justine

photographer & educator

That’s what we want to teach you.

The J&W Accelerator is your ticket to change your business forever.

It’s intentionally different from anything you’ve seen before because we want to help you achieve your own wedding photography business more strategically. 

We offer a hands-on coaching experience like no other.

Spread out over the course of 12 weeks, you will have the opportunity to learn from us by working through 6 different modules that will give you an in-depth look at how to build and maintain a successful client flow, provide the optimal client experience, and successfully maintain the wedding photography business of your dreams. Plus, several other of our personally curated tips and tricks that will set your business apart from the rest.

Is completely brand new to wedding photography.

Has started their business but feels stuck.

Needs a more hands-on teaching experience.

Who is this Accelerator really for?

We created this for the person who..

Take a look inside...

Module 1

Everything you need to know about creating a memorable and unique experience for your clients on their special day.

6 video modules

In these easy to understand modules, we’re going to walk you through every step of the wedding day-from posing, timeline, exclusive day-of-tips, and everything in between! Regardless of your experience level, you’ll leave each module with practical tips on how to move towards becoming a successful wedding photographer.

Shooting the Wedding Day

Module 2

Learn our exclusive tips on proper posing to create photos everyone in the wedding party will love.

Posing your Couple, Wedding Party, and Family Formals

Module 3

First look or no first look, one location or multiple, we’ve got you covered! We’ll walk you through every possible scenario so you’re more than prepared

Wedding Day Timelime

Module 4

Learn how to manage your backup systems, organization of files, culling, and more!
Also, our tried and true tips for a stress-free Lightroom experience.

Back Office Workflow

Module 5

First impressions are everything. Learn how to win your clients over from day one. In this module, we’ll give you our tips for client meetings, client gifts, engagement session tips, need to know questions for the wedding day, and those sought after wedding day sneak peeks!

Client Experience

Module 6

Here, we’re going to share our best kept secrets that we utilize for outsourcing, travel, website, client software and templates to help you build your business.

Bonus Materials


When you enroll now, you’ll get exclusive access to:

Bonus #1

Guest Speakers to help take your business to the next level!

Teaching from a CPA on how to get your business started and all that entails with licenses and taxes.  

A Live Mock Engagement Session!

Ever wish you could have a practice run of an engagement session before the real deal? Look no further! We want to offer you an in-person mock engagement session. This is an amazing chance to apply what you learned in the course as well as receive specific feedback from us! 

Bonus #2

Stop your endless scrolling and frustration as you watch others build the wedding photography business you want and instead, see the business of your dreams become your new reality— without throwing all of your money into sponsored ads and strategies that just don’t work.

No more thinking that the photography business just isn’t for you. 

It’s time to secure your client base and shoot any wedding with full confidence in 12 weeks!


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"I have been second shooting weddings and photographing my own weddings for well over a year now, but I constantly felt like I was treading water and could barely keep my head up. I purchased multiple classes, watched plenty of Youtube, and tried to ask as many questions as possible in Facebook groups but I still had trouble connecting the dots on things. Luckily, Justine came in just when I needed her. 

I am so lucky that the photography community on the Gulf Coast is so open to new photographers, so I do reach out to those I am second shooting with for questions I have, problems I face, etc. but nothing like what Justine has provided for me over these past few months. 

Justine's approach is so personalized and it makes the world of difference in comparison to what you buy online or what you watch on Youtube. The way that Jusitne and Wayne were there for me helped me feel a renewed love for photography."

"This has been the greatest experience"

Emma Pitts

Student Success


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