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Justine & wayne

Mobile Alabama Wedding Photographer

Nov 19, 2019

Most of the time you guys get to hear from Justine on the blog, but today we are switching things up a bit.  As I sit on reflect on this gallery, I am immediately reminded of how blessed I am to be loved by this extraordinary woman of God.  As you guys already know, she is beautiful and incredibly talented!  What you may not know is how much she longs to be a Proverbs 31 woman (and she is succeeding in my opinion).  Today we celebrate 14 years of marriage and words simply cannot express how thankful I am for her.

Another thing that strikes me as I reflect, is that these photos like much of digital life, only show a glimpse of what is really going on.  Our two oldest are behind the camera taking these amazing shots and alternately caring for our precious one-year old foster baby, who has very much become their sister this past year.  Our other three children are running around playing tag just outside the frame of the camera.  Just looking at the photos, it is hard to imagine all of that is going on at this time.  All of that reminds me, that there is often great beauty in what we can’t see.  Sometimes there is chaos and confusion, maybe even suffering, but if we keep our eyes on what matters great beauty is there.  Our Father is always at work for the good of His children.  He has gifted me with far more than I deserve.  The seen and unseen in these photos will always call me to remember that!

May you be encouraged today to know that there is a God who is always at work around us.  I pray that we would have eyes to see the work and accept His invitation to join Him in that work!  I also pray that like Justine and I, each of you would find the One whom your soul loves (Song of Songs 3:4)!

Soli Deo Gloria,



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