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Lies I Believe

Sep 19, 2023

“I can’t “just” watch my children play. What else do I “need” to be doing? How can I be “productive”? If I have to be present is there something I can accomplish on my phone or computer while I’m sitting here?” Why is this a thought that has constantly plagued me through the years. What lies have I believed about the value of children and the value of motherhood? Today I made myself sit outside on the porch while the children jumped on the trampoline instead of looking for the next task to check off my list. 

While I was sitting out there one of my girls got off the trampoline and came and sat by me. She was clearly upset and felt like she was hurt. After digging a little deeper and asking more questions she said “I just can’t control my emotions!” Immediately I recognized the lie and remembered “Lies Girls Believe” by Dannah Gresh. I had gone through this book with my older daughter years ago and knew it was time to go though it with this precious child in front of me. I had her go get the book and we worked through the first chapter. 

After we finished I decided it had been a while since we had a tea party. We gathered our tea set, left over cake and invited my youngest daughter to join us for tea on the front porch. It was a wonderful time complete with terrible English accents and spilled tea. When we finished we brought the speaker outside and had a dance party on the lawn. 

I’m so thankful the Lord is gracious to me a sinner and allowed me to see that I needed to be quiet and still today. I’m thankful that He’s showing me how important building relationships with my children are. I am so thankful I didn’t miss these moments today so I could be “productive”.


This is us

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