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Justine & wayne

This is Us…. Part 5

Jun 25, 2018

July 6, 2005

“We ate breakfast at Cracker Barrel and then went to my grandmother’s house.  My sisters were painting her bathroom so we went back to his house to get him some clothes so we could help them paint.  When we got there he asked me to get something out of the fridge.”  When I opened the door there were roses in a Boston Red Socks cup (needless to say he didn’t own a vase and his best friend Matt did the best he could with what he could find LoL).

I can remember looking in the roses trying to see if there was a ring hidden in them but when I turned around Wayne was standing behind me.  “He said there were 3 pink because they represented the Lord, him and me. Pink because it was my favorite color and it represents the intimacy we will share.  There were 3 yellow that represents our love lasting forever.  There were 6 red for the 6 days of creation because he believes God created me to complete him and it represents the love that is shared between us three.

After all this he drops down to one knee and asks me to marry him.  I was searching for a place to set the cup of roses down, in my mind almost frantically.  I fell to my knees said yes and hugged him.  I couldn’t stop laughing, I was so excited.  I couldn’t get the ring out of the box because I was shaking so much.

We will celebrate 13 years of marriage this November and it hasn’t always been that exciting but through trials and pain I love him more today then I did the first day.  Sometimes the Lord has to allow pain during the process to make us holy.  Marriage was designed to reflect Christ and the church.  I pray as long as we live our marriage will do just that!

This is us

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