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Justine & wayne

This is Us… part 4

Jun 14, 2018

June 28, 2005

Wayne dropped me off at my friend Dana’s house (who later was my matron of honor) and went to Bilottis.  This was my parents restaurant where he knew my dad would be.  I can remember waiting and waiting to hear back from Wayne on what Dad had said.  It’s really funny to hear my brother tell this story.  Jacob was standing close when he heard Wayne ask my Dad if he could marry me.  I can still picture Jacob’s face telling the story and how he decided to go back to the kitchen before Dad had time to answer.  Wayne was also my brothers math teacher in high school.  My brother was taken to be with Jesus a couple years ago after a car accident but I’m so glad I can still see this memory because he shared it at our wedding and it’s on our video.

Well I know you’re waiting to hear how it went.  So, after a while Wayne came to pick me up, I was so excited and he said “I’m not sure how it went” LoL.  Dad told Wayne he wasn’t sure with how fast everything was going.  Rightfully so Dad didn’t really know Wayne but I was sure and I knew the Lord had orchestrated this.  So I decided it was my turn.

July 2, 2005

I went in to Dad’s little cubby of an office and talked to him.  After a conversation that I’m not sure was completely heard by either party due to my excitement and his concern he said we could get engaged!  I remember Wayne being like “what does that mean?!”  I just smiled and said engagement always leads to marriage.

I am the second of 6 children and the first to be married.  I can only imagine now all the things my father was trying to process.  Next week I’ll share how he proposed!

This is us

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