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Should We Do a First Look?

Jan 30, 2019

This has become a common question as couples are preparing for their wedding day.  Should we see each other before the wedding? While there is no right or wrong answer, it is a deeply personal decision, and everyone has an opinion.

What is a first look?

This is a moment on your wedding day before the ceremony, where you’ll have a chance to see each other, to laugh, to cry and to pray together. This is a private time where only you and your photographers will be.  They are there to freeze this time so you can always look back and remember how you felt in these moments.

What do your photographers think about the first look?

This is a very personal choice and we want you to be happy with whatever you choose. We do want to share with you some of what we have learned.

1. You will have more time together!

A first look provides you with time to embrace each other.  He can twirl you around, whisper in your ear how nervous he has been, he can tell you how beautiful you look, and our all time favorite, he can pray over you before you walk down the aisle. You can wipe his tears and hug and kiss and tell him about how excited you are. This is time the ceremony cannot provide. The ceremony is normally early in the evening and this limits the amount of time you have together. The day can disappear so quickly. A first look allows you to have a full conversation and the chance to have the rest of the day enjoying each other.

2. You’ll have more photos!

A first look allows you to maximize time with your photographer, which means more photos of you and your new husband! As mentioned earlier the ceremony is in the evening and this limits the amount of time you’ll have for pictures.  When you choose a first look you can start pictures as early as you want. You can take as many pictures as you want and we can still sneak away after the ceremony for your first husband and wife pictures at sun set!

3. You will be fresh for pictures and ceremony!

A first look gives you opportunity to see your groom right after your hair and makeup are finished. If you cry and smear it’s ok, we will have time to touch up before pictures and the ceremony.

4. You will get to the reception faster and so will everyone else.

Doing a first look will allow all the formal portraits to be finished before the ceremony, so all your friends and family can go straight to the reception. This way when the inevitable hunger and exhaustion kick in after the ceremony they can go get some of the amazing appetizers they have been dreaming about, instead of having to wait around for more pictures.


“I think the best part of our first look was the anticipation of seeing my bride for the first time, the slow build up of “she’s coming!!” Then hearing her footsteps from the long walk. Then her touch just concluded the whole anticipation with a majestic view when I turned around! Just in awe of the beauty of Tyler that it made me explode with emotions, ya know!” Taylor Atwell

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