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Biblical Resourses for Family Discipleship

Aug 12, 2023

Wayne and I wanted an easy way to share some of our favorite Biblical Resources for Family Discipleship with you. I will include links to some of our favorite books and websites. I hope you find this helpful as you disciple your children.


We often over complicate family discipleship. Giving yourself grace in this area is key to pushing though when we fail, when we quit, and when we let life get too busy. Always be willing to repent and start again! Giving our children a big view of who God is has always been our top priority.

When children are small and their attention spans are short don’t get discouraged. Read a small section of scripture and then act out what you’ve read. Let your child be David and you be Goliath (my boys favorite part was getting to chop off Goliath’s head). Teach them that it was God who slayed the giant using a young boy with stones because God is powerful and He always wins! One of our favorite resources for Family Discipleship is Truth 78. A great place to start would be their More than a Story Set. You’ll be surprised at how much you’ll learn along side your children. The ultimate goal is that one day your children will love the Lord with all their hearts, they will love reading and studying His word and in turn disciple others to do the same.


We believe in giving children a big library of great books. Books that will help them to love the gospel story and ultimately love reading their Bible. One way you can encourage this love is by reading picture books to them often in your lap when they are small and continuing to read aloud to them even into their teenage years. It’s never too late to start. This not only encourages a love for reading it builds a wonderful relationship with your children.

One of our favorite places to choose books from is Westminster Kids. Another favorite of my kids is anything by Chuck Black. Think knights with swords and Angels with the gospel dripping throughout. Another winner is The Rabbit Room. Our children love The Wingfeather Saga. We are also big fans of audio books in our home. We have children with dyslexia and this opens a huge door for them. We do use the app Hoopla which is a free resource from the public library but you’ll need to be very involved because this will open them up to everything they have on there and lots of the options are not ones we want are children reading, watching or listening to.  Another paid option is Canon Plus, this is more than just audio books. A great resource for finding living books is a book called Honey for a Child’s Heart, this is a book where the author has thoughtfully curated book lists for children at different ages and levels of reading.


If you would like to read more on this subject for yourself we will include some of our favorite resources for parents here. The Disciple Making Parent is a great book and the author also gives his audio book away for free. Paul David Tripp has written several great books in this area. Truth 78 is also a great resource for parents. They have articles, blogs and video trainings. God has called you and equipped you to be the primary disciple makers of your children. He has given us everything we need in Christ. If you would like further encouragement in this area I would encourage you first to pray and ask the Lord and study His word. 3 John 1:4 I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.


This is us

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